• Harpazo Forum Rules

    Started by harpazo: Harpazo Forum Rules: Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you have taken ‘offense’ to a post, address the issue with the...

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  • How to make Links in Articles

    Started by Savedat33: Hi everyone! If you would like to link articles to your posts but do not want to just put in the URL here's how: •Write your post •Pick a word...

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  • "LIKE" Button Limit

    Started by Savedat33: Heya! So, the server only allows for users to have thirty "likes" per day. This is to prevent people from abuse either of others or...

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  • Thumbs up/down

    Started by Savedat33: Heya Happy Monday to everyone! Exciting week ahead! Just a quick FYI in regards to the thumbs up/down button. I can't change the option to...

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  • How to enable Lurking

    Started by Savedat33: Heya! I'm so happy to see everyone! Praise the Lord, it feels good. With that said... I will now tell you how to enable lurking: Up in the...

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  • Greetings

    Started by Mirona: Hello everyone, After lurking for more than half a year, I have decided to finally introduce myself and officially become part of the Harpazo...

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  • Hi glad your here !!

    Started by Blake7: Just a warm hello to Willow, Daisy and readytogo . So happy you are here with us ! Also a hello to any out there that come here and have not yet...

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  • Welcome aboard

    Started by Willow: Hello! I'm new too! My name is Willow. I feel so blessed to be here! 😃

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  • Hello!🌷

    Started by Daisy: Hi! I am new here. I am Daisy.☺

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  • Wishing All A Merry Christmas

    Started by Loz: Wishing all patrons of Harpazo A Merry Christmas as we celebrate the Conception of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to Savedat for setting up,...

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  • Hello

    Started by Chrissy: Hello brothers and sisters! I'm so glad to be here! My name is Chrissy.

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  • Building links question

    Started by Cleanhousr: Proceedure: pick category Type title Type message Type link to website(nothing happens) Am I missing a part of the Proceedure? May it be I use cell...

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  • Link building question

    Started by Cleanhousr: I pick category Type message Type link info(nothing happens) Am I missing a part of the proceedure? Thank you for any help Is the problem I use...

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  • Looking up!

    Started by Cleanhousr: I had a account on ritan since 2014. I was only able to thank posts...hmm!? As watchers and born again, praying for the promised blessed hope...it...

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  • Thanks for this site!

    Started by Melissa: So happy to have another place to fellowship! This is really neat. 😊

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  • Howdy!!

    Started by churchgal: This is churchgal, saying hello! Much thanks to savedat33 for starting the forum 😊

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  • HI

    Started by Sam: Sam here from RITAN. Thanks for adding me.

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  • so glad for you all, for fellowship

    Started by Regina: I tried to check in this eve at Ritan and can't get in-- Writing to say I am so grateful and glad for sisters and brothers in Christ, glad that we...

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  • Another RITAN Lurker

    Started by KingsKid: Yep! Lurked over there for about the past 5 years. Sad for the closing but thrilled with the new option. Thank you for setting it up as I am not a...

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  • Hello everybody

    Started by Heidi: Hello, it's Heidi. Thank you Savedat33 for setting up this site.

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  • Happy to post

    Started by Meatnotmilk: Hi! Never got clearance to post at RITAN, so I'm happy to start with all of you here. And I hope we are not here long enough to fill up the new site!...

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  • Hello, Harpazo family of believers

    Started by Note: I have been a "lurker" on RITAN for many years, but never posted anything. I have been a believer from childhood, having been raised in a...

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  • Hi I'm here!!!!

    Started by sonyab1974: Hellooooooooooooooooo!

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  • Hello!

    Started by ColoradoMom: Hi everyone! I have been lurking on Ritan since 2012. I think I posted once or twice in 2013 but otherwise I have just enjoyed following along. I...

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  • Howdy

    Started by Dani: Hi there! Ive been lurking at RITAN for quite a while now. I've prayed with you, cried with you and laughed with you. I'm so happy for this site and...

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