• Who do you pray to???

    Started by Meredith: This is embarrassing. I was initially taught that we were to pray to the Lord Jesus, because we only have access to the Father through the Son. So...

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  • Thank God For William Tyndale

    Started by Loz: Thank God For William Tyndale by Adam4d http://adam4d.com/tyndale/ “Fair Use For Education and Discussion Purposes” Loz :]

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  • Sanctify the mundane

    Started by GoingGone: I should be embarrassed to ask this, so I will just say I have forgotten. Listening to an internet preacher, i wonder that as saints on earth do we...

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  • Fasting and Prayer

    Started by vtwinomega: Hi Everyone! This is my first post. I've been lurking on here for a while. Waiting, rather impatiently, for the Lord to steal us away like a thief in...

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  • Earth; a ball shaped planet or a flat earth?

    Started by PegasusDream41: Is the planet ball shaped or a flat Earth, or a round half ball placed within a square fundament ? What do you think? Have we been lied to?

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  • What does the bible say ?

    Started by PegasusDream41: What has to happen before the rapture can take place? What does the bible really say?

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  • Great deception??

    Started by PegasusDream41: Does "great Deception" mean that Satan will come Down to Earth disguised as Jesus and be believed to be the real Jesus by People that are...

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  • Very dumb question; Is smoking cigarettes a sin?

    Started by PegasusDream41: Well...there it`s written! Is smoking cigarettes a sin? Does it attract bad spirits? Is it part of the problem I have? It isn`t healthy, but if we...

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  • Copyright & other rules

    Started by PreTribber4Jesus: Hi Savedat33, In another thread here you mentioned that this forum site has rules about posting copyright stuff like that. I looked around and...

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  • looking up!

    Started by Blessed: Is Pentecost may 31 or June 4 ? Which day do you think is more of a possibility for rapture?

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  • Sorry for asking a dumb question

    Started by PreTribber4Jesus: I'm getting a lot of emails cause I seem to receive one every time someone posts. I'd like to disable that feature since I can see those when I get...

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  • OOPS

    Started by PreTribber4Jesus: I just gotta pop-up saying I can only like 50 posts a day. I was trying to like another post when that pop-up said no. Can I help it if I like so...

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