• Prayers for the lost sheep

    Started by PegasusDream41: God knows us from we were made,before we were born , he knows who will come to believe the gospel. So I pray for they who does still not believe, but...

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  • A new year's prayers

    Started by Heidi: Dear Father, We thank you for keeping us safe and taking care of us in 2018. We thank you for your beautiful creation and all the beautiful things...

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  • I need a prayer

    Started by Heidi: Hello siblings, I healed from something in 2013. (it was miraculous healing) now it has come back. I am not sure why. I had too many things...

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  • Please say a prayer for Blake

    Started by Heidi: Hi siblings, Please say a prayer for Blake. He is in horrible pain. thank you

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  • Let's pray over unsaved loved ones

    Started by Heidi: Hello siblings, It just ocurred to me to make a list of unsaved loved ones and for people to pray over it. We can either use their first name only...

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  • I can hardly hang in there anymore

    Started by Heidi: Dear siblings, I don't know what to say. I am so tired and distressed. I don't know what to do anymore. I have friends I can call but I am not...

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  • A prayer

    Started by Heidi: Dear Jesus, I pray that you comfort all your children that need comfort. I pray for extra special protection for all of us in these last days. I ask...

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  • Please pray for all those here and all over the world that are suffering that are children of our Lord Jesus Christ

    Started by Blake7: I know personally the trials I'm going thru but have also read and heard personally of many of our brothers and sisters who also are suffering even...

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  • Please pray for me today

    Started by Blake7: My brothers and sisters I come to ask your prayers, seems I have a chance for a safe permanent home. I have to drive a distance I have not driven in...

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  • Prayer please for Pastor Andrew Brunson

    Started by Regina: from International Christian Response http://christianresponse.org/news/3rd_hearing_of_andrew_brunson/ 3rd hearing of Andrew Brunson (Middle...

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  • Depression

    Started by GoingGone: Wow! This would be a day that I would not expect Jesus to come because I am so overwhelmed by depression! Thanks for any prayer for relief depression.

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  • Can you please say a prayer for me?

    Started by Heidi: Dear siblings, I am tired of the problems I am having in my current apartment and I want to move out. I was considering moving out around next...

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  • please pray for Gods help

    Started by Blake7: My only family, a brother I have never been close to is trying to move to my area. Im sick, I have no one. Please pray he finds a home here , I...

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  • please pray for Blake

    Started by Heidi: Hi siblings, Can you please say a prayer for Blake? I haven't heard from him in a while. Thank you

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  • remembering the persecuted church

    Started by Regina: In Borno state of Nigeria, the Christians are under persecution, churches have been burned, lives threatened, families under threat. Boko Haram is...

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  • 77 holistic doctors dead since 2015

    Started by Heidi: Hi siblings, Stuff like this really upsets me. I don't know what government and big pharma is up to. Holistic doctors have been dying. Please say a...

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  • I Ask for prayers for myself

    Started by PegasusDream41: I am afraid of Breaking down before we come as far as the rapture really happening. And there` s this problem with the Family, that they are...

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  • Prayers for Tender Reed

    Started by Loz: Tender Reed has posted to FB Ritan for the 1st time. He asks for prayer that he may be able to participate in the Rapture whilst still alive. He...

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  • Thank you from Raymond

    Started by Heidi: Dear siblings, I was with my friend Raymond a couple of days ago. He is the one who had a serious motorcycle accident, was in intensive care for...

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  • Ear

    Started by GoingGone: I need to request prayer for the healing of my left ear. It seems I have an eustachian tube dysfunction that is resistant to treatment. I also need...

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  • Update

    Started by Heidi: Hello siblings, I have posted several prayer requests and here are some updates: I couldn't find the post where I asked for prayer because my...

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  • fyi on persecuted church in China

    Started by Regina: Chinese Christians now have their children questioned, to determine beliefs of parents... 🙏 Purge Against Christians in Eastern China:...

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  • Could you please say a prayer for Mormons

    Started by Heidi: Dear siblings, Somebody who I love very much and who is mormon passed away. God is comforting me that he is in heaven, but I am shaken and I want...

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  • would you please pray for me

    Started by Regina: Hi there, I feel awkward asking for prayer for myself, but when I see others requests, I know God hears our prayers. I've been to the ER twice in the...

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  • Please say a prayer for me

    Started by Heidi: Hello siblings, can you please say a prayer for me? I need a stable job as soon as possible. I need a financial breakthrough. I also feel distress...

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